Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updated Portfolio

My updated 2012 portfolio now includes my latest completed work, After The Occupation, as well as the article from the NJ Artists show at Lana Santorelli Gallery in Hoboken, NJ. The article has an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH on Yours Truly (woo-hoo!), although I'm not entirely satisfied with the portrayal of me (shut up, Matt, no press is bad press). But enjoy the portfolio. What's missing are the "UPS 4" paintings lost after the Great Chicago Situation of 2009. The whereabouts of these paintings remain a mystery to this day. Many UPS Customer Service managers are still traumatized as a result my verbal abuse. Moral of the story: don't answer the phone when I call. And don't lose my life's work. You'll be assaulted by a barrage of words and phrases that will leave you quivering and sobbing, and the nightmares will plague you for years.

Nevermind all of that. Enjoy the portfolio. Peace.

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