Saturday, September 11, 2010

denouement (big meadow pt 8)

I got sick and tired of painting and videotaping at the same time, so a lot of steps were missed between the last 2 videos. The painting is done, however and is hanging at the a-space in Philadelphia as part of an exhibition of my work titled, "Something Old, Something New" until September 30.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Meadow at The A-Space

The A-Space anarchist community space has generously offered to exhibit my work for the month of September. If anyone actually reads this blog and happens to live in the area, visit the A-Space website and find out when someone is there (they don't hold regular hours, generally speaking although someone is usually there during the day). We're having a reception on Sunday, September 26, from 5 – 7 PM, so come on down for some free wine and cheese and heavy conversations about art, the environment, politics, social change, or baseball.

I'm calling the show "Something Old, Something New", since I'm showing new work dates from 2003 to present. It's also the first public unveiling of Big Meadow, the very first painting for the Five Miles From Times Square project, which I've shown in progress on Les Martin's youtube channel. The final video will be posted soon, although the finished painting looks dramatically different than what it looked like while we were filming.

Here's the skinny:

4722 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA

or visit or for more info

And finally, perhaps someday soon I'll have photos of the finished painting to post.