Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's Back…

It was a good session tonight as you can see from the pile in the corner of the studio

I worked on the DeKorte Park piece, which if you saw last night's post was the landscape-y one with the water and birds.

I also did a little searching for news about a favorite Meadowlands subject of mine. It seems that the Xanadu/American Dream project has come back to life. After settling a lawsuit with the neighboring NFL teams, developer Triple Five claims that they're about to start/re-start the construction of mega-mall-to-be. The work will supposedly begin with a remodel of the exterior.

This article from has all the dirt, including a little video. I'm not sure what the purpose is of the video, except as kind of requiem to a forgotten vision of a commercial bacchanalia.

Well, I wish them the best of luck. In a world where mall traffic is rapidly tapering, an underperforming mall is exactly what New Jersey needs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Urge

I've already been added to the events page for Eilandarts Center in Merchantville, NJ for September. The urgency is certainly there for me to finish the two very incomplete paintings you see pictured above. I have 5 paintings, 6 if you count the old one from 2003 on my brother's living room wall. At best, I'll be doing a 1-man show with 7 new canvases.

I suppose I had some good excuses why I couldn't find the time to paint, but none of that matters now. I have to hang sometime during the first week in September, and that gives me about 3 weeks to finish.