Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birth Of Xanadu

This video would go viral if it featured dancing babies or singing cats or some kid falling off his bike and smashing his nuts…

…but it doesn't. Its the story of my latest painting from start to finish, and I'm extremely happy with it. It's also making its public debut in 3 days, with celebration to follow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Xanadu Lives

Xanadu, 30" x 48", oil on canvas, 2011.

This painting will be on exhibit at the Tenth St Laundromat beginning Saturday 10/1 until Monday 10/31. Be there on the 15th and you can see what I look like drunk.

Take a stroll through my posts over the past 6 months and you'll see each and every step of the process. There's a short film coming soon as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Miles From Times Square at the Tenth St Laundromat

I'll start out by mentioning that the image on the left of the flyer is one of mine that a) was not going to be included in the show, and b) is at my brother's house. Whatever. What will be shown are 6-7 paintings from the series, Five Miles From Times Square, my painting study of the phenomenon and ecological disaster known as the New Jersey Meadowlands.

If you're reading this there's no excuse for you to not be at this thing on October 15th. Unless, of course you live thousands of miles away and can't afford to travel. If that's the case I'll have a drink in your honor. Seriously, Philadelphia is worth the trip wherever you come from, and this show would just be one more cool thing on your agenda.

If you can make it, expect an art show unlike any you have ever been to. Yes, Virginia, it is in a laundromat. No, Virginia, don't bring your dirty undies. You'll be having way too much fun for that.

I should also mention that I'll be showing alongside my very best friend and a world class painter, Don McPartland. I've known Don for over 20 years and have always been and admirer of his. His work has inspired me in many ways, and I'm always excited to show with him.

I'm looking forward to meeting Carla Hopkins & Nick Gleckman and to hearing Hott Tubb as well. And of course, DJ Jeffrey with The Magic Message will have all the ladies dancing on the dryers before the night is out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Xanadu pt 43: Fini

43 individual sittings. Average about 1-1/2 hrs per sitting, putting me somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-65 hours. It all took place between April 19th of this year until tonight. It's been through renovation projects, hurricanes, child invasions and has occupied the 10 PM till midnight slot of most weekdays and has cost me a good bit of sleep.

I've taken a photo after each sitting, from start to finish, and posted it here. The news stories about the building featured in the painting, Xanadu, or The American Dream, or whatever you wish to call it have strung themselves together into an interesting drama which is far from over.

All of the photos so far have been taken on my phone in my studio under less that ideal lighting, but the real photo will be posted soon. I'm not sure what to blog now.

Here it is, the final installment, Xanadu pt 43

Monday, September 19, 2011

Xanadu pt 42: Misinformation Superhighway

One of the ways in which the media can mislead the public is to give the illusion of presenting something substantial while not actually doing so. This may be by intentional or not, but when your news story has the headline, "Triple Five executives discuss project, answer questions" and you only publish a few meatballs from the public, it leaves one to wonder how involved the public is allowed to be in a particular issue of importance.

Generally, when people skim through news articles they read the headline and the first paragraph or two. Anyone who read the entire article should notice that it includes a grand total of two softball questions from residents, preceded by talking points from T5 suits, proceeded by comments from local public officials (who's job it is to sell it to their constituents whatever the cost), and boiler plate about the Meadowlands Commission's transportation plans. It all leaves me to wonder what public input from the meeting wasn't published. Did they really only have time to ask questions of two people, or were they making sure that no one beyond the walls of the room where the meeting was held gets the impression that people are tired of having their world turned upside down by greedy developers.

The purpose of this event, it would seem, was to give the impression that they were inviting input from the public, but what the public thinks really doesn't matter. The purpose of this article seems to have been nothing more than an handy bit of PR for a developer who intend to press on with a project that's tanking in opinion polls, and they'll carry on regardless of what impact it may have on the local and state residents whose lives will be affected whether they like it or not.

I also love how they breached the issue of charging for parking. They wanted to assure the public that it will be "no more than $5." I guess that settles it. No followup necessary, even though it hints at one of two things: that they're trying to squeeze every last dime from people who simply want to go to a mall, or that they're anticipating cash flow problems when it comes to repaying the taxpayers who are going into debt on their behalf.

This project is underway, and will continue until it opens its doors or until, god willing, T5 goes broke. The only thing I can do about it is complain. And make a painting.

Part 42 (its almost done):

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Xanadu pt 41: Party Time at Tenth St. Laundromat

Before I tell you about what's going down at the mat, soak in Xanadu pt 41, which I have exactly 16 more days to complete:

And now some of the skinny on where this paining (once completed) and other paintings for this project will be shown and how you can get in on the action of the most unique, notorious and fabulous exhibition and dance party of the year:

October 1-31, 2011

Reception and Music
October 15, 2011
8-11 PM? I'll have confirmation of that soon

Matthew Green (me)
Don McPartland
Carla Hopkins & Nick Gleckman

Live music by Hott Tubb
and DJ Jeffery (the magic message)

Tenth St. Laundromat
1141-43 S 10th Street
(one block south of Washington Ave on the corner of Ellsworth St)
Philadelphia, PA USA

Beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres by Sugarplum Stacy will be served. A small donation is appreciated but not required. You don't really need to bring your dirty laundry but it would kill 2 birds with one stone. Nudity is preferred by me but frowned upon by the management. Dancing on the machines is a little dangerous but oh, so cool.

If you live an airplane's flight away I would suggest getting on Expedia right freakin' now. Here's a little snippet of what you missed the last time DJ Jeffery made an appearance at the Mat.

Now, doesn't that sound like fun? An official flyer is in the works, and that will be posted when it's available.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Xanadu pt 40

Big 4-0. I can barely type again, my goddamn hand is killing me. Read what I wrote yesterday. Chris Christie is probably gonna send someone to my house to kick my ass.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Xanadu pt 39: Wham, Bam, Muni Scam

Why didn't I see this before?

After begging the state of New Jersey for tax exemptions, which really mean corporate handouts, Triple Five, the new owners of the shit sandwich formerly known as Xanadu are reportedly seeking up to $1bn in public money to complete the infamous unfinished megamall project. This has quietly crept into the news after the fanfare surrounding their supposed rescue of the project like white knights saving the damsel in distress. It appears that they really don't have enough cash to finish the job. They really just want to scam taxpayers into handing over parts of their personal income, promising jobs, in order to give Kubla Christie a big wet blow job.

A recent story by Michael Gartland of The Record discusses how they're now asking Bergen County to sell municipal bonds in order to raise $400m. Why? Can't they find private investors themselves? One might argue that T5 hopes munis would be more attractive to investors because of their tax-exempt status. The deal that's on the table right now between them and the county is that taxpayers would not be liable for any debt. If that's the case, why offer public debt in the first place?

I highly doubt that the deal is gonna fly if T5 has to be liable for the debt. Anyone who thinks that they're that altruistic is a fucking fool. They obviously don't have the cash they need, so how could they possibly guarantee the debt themselves? That's why you ask for munis in the first place: they're government guaranteed by tax revenue. They can't get investors on their own to raise the $1bn because no one in their right mind wants to have anything to do with the Xanadu shitpile. The taxpayers are going to be in hock for this thing. Getting tax breaks from the state was just a foot in the door.

Triple Five never had any intentions of committing their own funds for this nightmare. They're nothing but a company of hucksters and thieves surviving on empty promises and other people's money. This project stinks, and its now going to be a huge liability to taxpayers while the developers profit, have orgies, take expensive vacations and buy yachts and fancy cars. Enjoy your indoor fucking skiing, New Jersey. You're paying for it, whether you ever go there or not.

Here's fucking part 39:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Xanadu pt 38

July 6th I started painting the foxtails. Now mid september I can move past the tedium and get back to some real painting. Beck, The Doors, Kristen Hersh got me home tonight. I don't feel like writhing anything interesting. I keep making spelling mistakes and its annoying me. Crap it's 12:30. Sometime this week I'll have details about the Laundromat. Bring yer knickers.

Pt 38 for those of you keeping score at home:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Xanadu pt 37

My freakin hand is killing me from retouching images of pregnant ladies all week. Actually they're not pregnant, but they're made to look pregnant and I had 26 photos to retouch by tomorrow (today) and I finally got it all finished around 10:00 this evening, but after all that shit I still managed to bang out 2-1/2 hours in the studio. My hand and forearm are so dead right now its numb and shaking, but I gutted it out like a champ. Sept 30 is breathing down my neck and now this catalog thing at work is heating up and things on the home front are going to be insane for the next 2 weeks. This will be a true test of my will and fortitude and I'll really earn my stripes if I finish this thing in time for the Laundromat in October. Next week I'll have details about that. Just get your asses on a plane or a bus or whatever and come dance your pants off and see this stuff in person on 10/15.

Part 37:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Xanadu pt 36

Too tired to soapbox tonight. Its not Sept 1st and I want this painting done by the 30th for the Laundromat. I hope they get that same DJ for 10/15. I'm not making any promises but there might be disrobing. If I invite the right people. We'll see.

Part 36 blah blah...