Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another One Down

This project was supposed to end, but it keeps on trekking forward. Two nights ago I finished the first of two views of the summit of Snake Hill, which is the image at the bottom of this post. The other image is a view looking south from Snake Hill. I wasn't going to work on it anymore, I liked the unfinished, impressionist look of it. But I had a studio visit from Off The Wall Gallery, who will be showing my work with two other artists in March.

The curator said she would like to see it finished, so I guess I'll get back into it. It has "MG 09" in the lower corner, so almost 4 years ago I did the initial paint sketch you see here. I signed it a few months ago when I posted it to my Zatista store. It will be a little unusual, I think, to go back and finish something I started so long ago, and I've never gone back in and touched a painting after signing it.

The show will be called the Mary Liz Memorial Masters Exibit 9. It will feature myself, along with Robert Bohné and Jim Montgomery, and it will be hung on March 2 and will run until April 12. Opening Reception will be Thursday, April 13 from 7 to 10 PM at Dirty Franks, 13th and Pine Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

For the record, the completed image on the bottom goes by the following moniker...

Matthew Green, Snake Hill Summit #1, 22" x 36",  oil on canvas, 2013