Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bad Water 5 - A Near Catastro-tree

Ah, the evils of drink. A few weeks ago, I allowed my weakness for adult beverages interfere with my craft, and the results were nearly catastrophic. I attempted to rectify the situation tonight although I may have done serious damage to what would have been a fabulous painting.

The photos below illustrate what I'm talking about and should serve as a warning to you kids about what happens when you drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself, preceded by two IPA's. We'll call them exhibit A, B, and C.

Exhibit A - Painted Under Influence

Exhibit B - tonight's pathetic attempt at saving face

Exhibit C - I have only myself to blame

So you see, kids, not only do drinking an painting definitely not mix, but Torrontes is a fresh, aromatic white, and is the most distinctive of all Argentine wines. And believe it or not, Festivo is an inexpensive, yet surprisingly delightful option for this varietal.

Finally, I present the end result of this evening's session (click to enlarge)...

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