Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bad Water 7

Last night I didn't listen to any music while I worked. Tonight started out that way for the first hour. I think the sounds that my house makes were entertaining enough for me that I didn't need music. I also didn't feel like wearing headphones. Plus I have a permanent ringing in my ears from too much loud rock and roll and it was good to give my ears a break.

After a break I put on The Kills, then The White Stripes. And I began to think that the chemical byproducts from manufacturing CDs are probably in the water. So, too are spilled fuel and motor oil from the trucks that carry cases of CDs to stores, as well as jet fuel residue from the planes that take the musicians to gigs and recording studios around the world. I start thinking about the entire infrastructure that holds our civilization together, and how this swamp is now a dead zone because of it.

Sleep tight, world.

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