Saturday, April 24, 2010


I was planning on going into the swamps tomorrow, to get some new pics, and new video footage. I also need to continue a series of articles I'm writing for an online publication called Broad Street Review, the first installment of which you can read here. The weather, however has different ideas and I had to reschedule for May 16. Thanks to my brother, I'll have a traveling companion and access to a boat.

I guess tomorrow I'l get back to work on Big Meadow and maybe browse the lists of potential donors for my grant proposal, which by the way, I've been rejected by I think 5 foundations so far with one pending, and I expect that rejection to come in about a month. I also have not gotten feedback from some of the other parties to whom I sent the proposal for, as I put it, "a matter of general interest." These include Captain Bill Sheehan of the Hackensack Riverkeepers, the director of the NJMC, Congressman Steven Rothman, and author Robert Sullivan. If any of you folks happen to be reading this blog, I can assure you I'm not asking for money, I just want a vote of confidence, kind of like an intellectual high-five, something to make me look like I have important friends. This could greatly increase my chances of getting funded in an economic downturn.

I gotta remember to take this thing one day at a time. This is advice I got earlier this evening from Bad Blake.