Monday, October 1, 2012

I Want To Take You Higher (Grounds)

New paintings of mine, as well as highlights from the past will be on exhibit at Higher Grounds Cafe in Philadelphia starting Thursday, October 4 through October 31. Anyone in the vicinity of Northern Liberties in Philadelphia is invited to visit the cafe at 631 North 3rd St (3rd St near Fairmount). The coffee rocks and their wifi is lightning fast.

I wasn't initially going to have any kind of opening reception, but after I created the event on Facebook, several folks had responded that they were coming. Facebook only gave me the option to enter one date for the event, so I chose Oct. 4, making it look as if I was hosting an event that night. I think I may go anyway now, since some people I haven't seen in a while may be there. I'll be there from 7:30PM until close.

I had vowed to finish the painting I'm currently working on for this hang, but a combination of laziness and lack of ambition derailed that plan. I'm not working tonight, either.

Info about Higher Grounds including their hours can be found here… 

For some reason, the name "Higher Grounds" always makes me think of this…

Not this, as you might have expected…


Matthew Green, After The Occupation, 30" x 48", oil on canvas, 2012

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