Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bad Water 13

The painting made a little progress tonight, after 3 idle weeks when no work was done. Look carefully at the right side where the reeds touch the water.

The first of 3 Presidential debates takes place tomorrow. I'll be painting. Neither candidate will discuss what it will take to stop our culture from destroying life. Everything we see has a price tag. There is no other priority for civilization more important than making profit. Our way of life has doomed every ecosystem on planet Earth. This should be obvious to anyone. Human beings have been concentrated into dense urban centers where local resources have been completely consumed, and residents these urban centers must go to other places to find more resources to consume. These resources are often taken by force. The waste products produced by life in these urban centers are poison to the air, water, and land. This is reality.

Starting this winter, The Weather Channel will be naming winter storms. This is a priority. Weather is entertainment. Presidential politics is entertainment. Shootings and robberies on the news is entertainment.

I don't paint the world I want to live in. That world doesn't exist, and if it did, there would be no need for art. I paint what I see around me, and try to draw attention to how things are, to raise awareness of bad situations such as a suffering wetlands in northern New Jersey. 

Tomorrow night for most of America it will be Obamacare vs. Bain Capital. In my studio it will be Bad Water 14.

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