Monday, September 9, 2013

An Audience Of One

How do I price my work? I'm often asked that. It's hard to say. Demand is a key factor in setting a price. The better the reaction, the more people like a piece, the more I think I can get for it. Time is also a factor. The longer something sits around, the more likely I am to letting it go for a steal.

The two most ambiguous factors are how long a piece takes to create, and the scope, or the how complicated a painting is. Both of these are hard to gauge, impossible to predict, subjective in their value, and vague in their quantifiability. When questioned about pricing, however, most people automatically assume that how hard a painting is and how much time is spent on its creation is a logical metric to determine its cost. Time equals money, right?

I started this painting in June of this year, finished it a few days ago. The person for whom I painted it will be picking it up tomorrow. Whether or not its worth the price we agreed upon is up to him, I suppose. The value of this work lies somewhere between him and I.

Across The Void, 30" x 48", oil on canvas, 2013

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