Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bad Water 21 - Growing Weary

I'm not weary of this painting. In fact, it's exactly the opposite. I'm in the beginning of a Fall Surge. Usually I wind things down in the fall and close up the studio for the holidays, but not this year. I've been distracted lately by other things, such as order fulfillment and Superstorm Sandy. Tonight was a re-emergence, and I think this thing is close to finished. New material is on the hopper and I'm feeling energized early heading into my January Zen period.

I'm weary of posting this painting each time I work on it. It's getting old. This blog is getting old. I think its time to close up shop, shut it down, kill it before it multiplies. I think this project is also coming to an end. I never got the grant money I was seeking and now its 3 years on and I need to find something else to pursue. I have some ideas on new subject matter and its nothing to do with The Meadowlands.

And I need a real title for this painting. I'm just not feeling Bad Water anymore. Gotta dig deep for that.

For what its worth, here's Bad Water 21....

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