Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Going Viral

I haven't added any new entries to this page in a while because 1) I'm not sure if anyone is reading it and I hate wasting my time, and 2) I've been vlogging instead. Since the conventional approach of applying for grant funding for this project has come up empty so far, I attempted to approach the problem through a more modern method, viral marketing. With the help of my friend, former colleague, and esteemed videographer Lester Martin, we carefully crafted a viral marketing plan that failed miserably. The idea was to document the creation and development of the project's first painting, Big Meadow. We underestimated how common a practice this was, that our idea was far from unique. You can see the first try at this in my last entry from 3/10. We're gonna continue with the plan of filming me painting, but probably toss out any notion that this can be successful as a viral marketing ploy. Art just doesn't capture the imagination the way that singing dogs and laughing babies do. We shot more footage last night and will be editing and posting that soon, and hopefully will be adding some original music from a musician friend of mine. It will be pretty fantastic, although I think it may get a grand total of 13 or 14 views on youtube. Whatever. Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life.

1 comment:

  1. I appreciate what you've done so far in your videos. Have you ever thought about a time-lapse video instead? It could really focus on your 'process'. (Just thinking out loud).

    - Rose (GilbertMusings.com)