Friday, March 5, 2010

First Painting

No amount of inadequacies on the part of the art supply or shipping industries can stem the creative tide that is unleashing as I type this. I have this fear, however, that in order to complete the claim of 12 paintings as outlined in my proposal I may need at least 5 years, unless someone ponies up at least the 70 g's I'll need to pay for materials and keep my family alive while I paint. This painting is a little different from what I had originally envisioned, and may seem a little off-topic for this project, but who cares? It's imposing, just like the impression I had trying to force my way into the reeds back in January (see post from Jan 23 but please don't laugh at my crappy video). The next time I explore something like this it will be a lot closer to home. I discovered some sights along the Delaware River waterfront in Gloucester City the other day and the next venture will explore that river front on the New Jersey side from Gloucester City south into where it opens up and becomes the Delaware Bay. Water craft is desperately needed for that, as well as for FMFTS, which I hope to score in about a month or so. I've decided to plod along with this project, whether funded or not. What else can I do? I have to paint, and The Meadowlands is calling me.

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