Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Would Kubla Kahn Have Approved Of This?

I don't think he'd be too happy about the name change. After all, he did stately Pleasure Dome decree. There's something about the official MEADOWLANDS website that falls way short of the "wow" factor for me. I wish them the best of luck getting all of those smiling douchebags in that horrific montage of pictures to actually go to this place to justify all of the money and effort spent on bringing this nightmare to fruition.

Don't they know they're doomed to fail here? It won't be long before the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa rises up from the swamps and drags the whole damn palace of commercial debauchery into the mud. Even after reading about all of the stories about the financial shortcomings and scandals since the inception of the Xanadu project I'm inclined to believe that the reason that it keeps falling flat is because those meadows are pure evil.

This could very well be the decision the defines Chris Christie's governorship. The meandering path that this project has taken is illustrated by its oddly mottled exterior design, having had as many twists and turns, ebbs and flows as the Hackensack River near which it stands. It's about as incoherent and sequitur-deprived as Samuel Taylor Coleridge's dream.

I'm seeing a painting here. Definitely.

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