Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just One...

Here's one photo from the digital camera taken in Carlstadt. I wonder if I could get to the Izod Center by canoe from here. Later on in the day, came the best part over at Snake Hill under the Turnpike bridge. You'll have to wait until I get the film (yes, film) developed for those photos. Nowhere in that entire marsh are you unable to hear the din of the Turnpike, but under that bridge it was a unique experience. The sound there is unlike anything else. It's not a symphony of noises, but rather relentless shattering of peace and tranquility that will go on as long as humans drive, ride trains and fly. The place is an environmental horror show, and what you see on the ground is much like what you hear. A random array of scattered flotsam, the waste of humanity. No matter what anybody does to protect that place, it's a complete disaster. Even the water smells putrid. I gotta go now and get ready for the Jets game.

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